【Applications closed】2019 3Q4Q Programming Boot Camp(Practical Group Work for Leadership)

Call for Applications

2019 3Q4Q Programming Boot Camp (Practical Group Work for Leadership)

1. Project Outline:

(1) Programming Boot Camp is being offered as content project of ToTAL course of "Practical Group Work for Leadership【F】( and "Advanced Group Work for Leadership【F】") . Non ToTAL students and students who have not registered for the course can also join this project if seats are available, but no credits will be given.

(2) By forming a team with 3-4 students, each team will define a web service and develop such web service from studying language and code needed, and ideate the service with support from web development professionals (Guild Works, Inc.) in 6 classes between Oct-Dec/2019.

(3) Teams will be decided after a 5-minute pitch to be made by all applicants on 27/Sep, 3 weeks ahead from the start of the project.

(4) Beginners in programming are welcome.

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2. Purposes of Project:

(1) To have capability for developing web application to materialize your new web services.

(2) To enhance capabilities of issue identification, forecasting development procedures (overall understanding of the goal of development), user-friendly interface development, and group communication.

3. Programming Languages to be used:

HTML, CSS, Java Script (If you want to use other languages, please contact Prof.Yamada.)

4. JavaScript Flamework to be used:


5. Guild Works, Inc.:

(1) During the project, students will have support from Guild Works, experts in web application development.

Reference: https://guildworks.jp/

(2) All lectures and supports by Guild Works will be made in Japanese fundamentally. If your team has non-Japanese speaking student(s), please help them.

6. Applying to the program and selection of up to 6 teams by pitch:

(1) Application Form:

i) Download the Application Form from "10. Application Form" below, and send it to Prof. Yamada (yamada.k.be@m.titech.ac.jp) by 6/Sep(Fri).

ii) If other team members are selected at above i., please also clarify the members in the Application Form. It is ideal if members are decided by the Pitch below. 3 members/team may be maximum, if possible. 1 member may be added after the pitch.

iii) Application Form will be uploaded to DROPBOX sharing folder. You may be able to find your preferable team from them.

(2) Pitch to present your web service to be developed:

i) Make a presentation about the web idea on 27/Sep(Fri) Pitch (5 minutes/web service, please refer to 9. below for details). If team members have not yet been decided by the pitch, you will use this opportunity for recruit members. Please note 1 member team will not be accepted in the project.

ii) If your idea of web service is not accepted, you and your team member(s) can explore to be member of other teams.

iii) You will be able to apply to be a member of your preferring team after hearing the pitch on site. Please, however, note that there would be a risk that the team you want to join have enough members already.

7. Commitments by students:

(1) All participants to this project are being requested to attend all 6 classes Especially, #6 of 3 day camp should be "must") .

(2) Students who do not register the ToTAL course will have to pay the cost for the 3-day camp; around 25,000-.

Schedule and Agenda


Pitch for selection:

(1) Date & Time: 27/Sep(Fri) 18:00-21:00

(2) Venue: O-okayama South Building #4, S422

(3) Time for a pitch: less than 5 minutes/web application idea

(4) Language: Either Japanese or English. Slides to be used should be written in both Japanese and English or English only.

10. Application Form:

Application Form can be downloaded from below:


Our recommendation for your actions to be taken during Summer Holidays:

(1) Visit official site of "Vue.js" (https://jp.vuejs.org/index.html)

(2) Study the book 「基礎から学ぶ Vue.js」(in Japanese only)


Projects developed in past and atmosphere of the workshop:

(1) 2018:http://www.agl.titech.ac.jp/old/jp/dojo/yamada/2018/

(2) 2017:http://www.agl.titech.ac.jp/old/jp/dojo/yamada/2017/

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Yamada:

Prof. Yamada : yamada.k.be@m.titech.ac.jp

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