【Announcement of Event/Call for Applications】d.school comes to Tokyo Tech 2019

Announcement of Event/Call for Applications

d.school comes to Tokyo Tech 2019

-2-Day Workshop about Design Thinking by tutors from Stanford Univ./d.school-

"d.school comes to Toyo Tech 2018" will be held in Tokyo Tech again!

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The tutors from Stanford University/d.school, a headquarter of design thinking, will facilitate a full 2-day workshop in Tokyo Tech in October. "d.school comes to Tokyo Tech" started from 2014 and has been held in Tokyo Tech every year.

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Although this workshop will be held as a part of the ToTAL's course of "Fundamental Group Work", both of any Tokyo Tech students who have not registered for the course and any students of other universities can apply to the workshop.
Please refer to the details of the workshop below.
If you want to join the workshop, please download the application form and send it to Prof. Yamada/ToTAL (yamada.k.be@m.titech.ac.jp) after filling out the necessary information in the application form.

Date & Time

  1. Day 1: 26/Oct(Sat) 09:00-18:00
  2. Day 2: 27/Oct(Sun)09:00-18:00

(We are holding a Well Done Party (fee based) after Day 2)


S422 & 423, South Building #4, O-okayama Campus



  • Any Tokyo Tech students who do not register the course and any students in other universities can apply to the workshop.
  • Attendants of this workshop will make commitments on (1) attending both 2 days, and (2) no delay and no early retirement.
  • In case of over subscription, selection will be made.
  • In case of selection, your answers to " Tell us the level of your English capability (scores of any of English assessment or may be accepted ", " Tell us what kind of aim(s) or expectations you have for the workshop " and " Tell us why we have to choose you as attendants for the workshop" may be considered.

Max. number of students

Up to 36 students




Free (Lunch on both days will be arranged by us. Attendants will be requested to pay ¥3,000- for lunch of both days and beverages on the first day.)

Due for application

7/0ct(Mon) /2019

How to apply the workshop

If you want to join the workshop, please download the Application Form from below and send it to Prof. Yamada/ToTAL (yamada.k.be@m.titech.ac.jp) after filling out the application form.

Application Form:


If or not you can join the workshop will be informed to all of applicants after the due date.


<For your references>

1. Facilitators:

  • Thomas Both:

Thomas is director of the Designing for Social Systems Program at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. He works with social impact leaders to develop a more human, creative, and strategic practice.

  • David Janka:

Design consultant and creative strategist; former Fellow and current lecturer at the Stanford University d.school. David has a medical degree from Stanford and works to integrate design thinking principals into medical education, healthcare delivery, and medical device design.

2. Comments from the students who joined the last year:

  • Tokyo Tech M1: Design thinking helps me to find opportunities in seemingly mundane things around us. Through this workshop, I also realized that my perspective is valuable in bringing up a unique idea or solution.
  • Tokyo Tech M2: The workshop was very flexible about the flow of thinking, not fixed on one certain way. The activities were also more engaging than I expected.
  • Keio M2: The workshop was so speedy and I like speediness of the workshop. Each work had very short time, but every work is so meaningful.

3. ToTAL's aims for this workshop and characteristics about the workshop:

  • All of Tokyo Tech students will be expected to develop and execute new value for society when you be "professionals" in any fields. ToTAL believes that the core of "leadership" should be motivation and skills to develop such new value for society proactively. Making such concepts
  • The concept of "Creative Confidence; anybody can have creativity and present new idea" and "User Centric; making situation to execute and accept such new value in the society" may be the fundamentals. Establishing such concepts in your mind, making logic and taking actions will lead such new value.
  • Although it is often understood that Design Thinking is a kind of method to generate "innovations" by following 5 steps; empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test, the core of DT should be the 2 kinds of concept above.
  • During "d.school comes to Tokyo Tech 2019", aim is to establish such 2 concepts in your brain and body. d.school tutors designed the agenda especially for Tokyo Tech to satisfy such aim, which will be deferent from usual design thinking workshop by following the 5 steps.
  • During this 2-day workshop, I want all of you to understand and experience the mind-set of Creative Confidence and the skill set of User Centric; exploring mechanism of needs and jump belong logic, through d.school way of speedy, friendly and diversified environment.

4. Report about "d.school comes to Tokyo Tech 2017"


5. Stanford University / d.school:

Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (so called "d.school") is a hub for innovation, collaboration and creativity at Stanford University. Its mission is to help people become everyday innovators, everywhere.



Office of Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership(ToTAL):

e-mail: total.jim@total.titech.ac.jp TEL: 03-5734-3755