【New Schedule Updated】Program schedule about "Recognition of Social~ II", "Professionals and Value~ II", "Fundamental Group Work~F" and "Practical Group Work~ F"

The schedule (and Enrollment Form) for "Recognition of Social Issues Workshop II", "Professionals and Value Creation II", "Fundamental Group Work for Leadership F" and "Practical Group Work for Leadership F" have been updated and can be downloaded below. Please note that items in blue characters are changed items from the previous version.

Schedule (and Enrollment Form) (ver.3.3) *Updated on 4/Oct
Outline of ToTAL/OPEN Program  *Uploaded on 4/Oct

NOTE 1: Both the schedule and outline may be updated from time to time. Please refer to the latest version.

NOTE 2: Further details of each program described in the outline material will be explained during the orientation on 30/Sept. 【Orientation has ended.】

To: ToTAL Students:

Please submit your attending plan of 2019 3Q4Q by selecting "Attend" for the programs you wish to attend in the righthand column of the schedule, and sending it to Prof. Yamada/Matsuzaki/Kamura at the email address below within a week after the 30/Sept orientation (by Mon., 7/Oct).

e-mail: total.tokunin@total.titech.ac.jp