Request for Financial Support for Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership

With the progress of digitization, many aspects of society have rapidly become globalized and complicated, thus increasing complex social issues that cannot be solved in only one area of expertise. Accordingly, Tokyo Institute of Technology established the Academy for Leadership (ToTAL) in 2018 - an advanced educational organization and the only one of its kind in Japan - to provide education in leadership excellence necessary for solving social issues and creating new value in coordination with others, in addition to education that enables students to develop outstanding expertise.

ToTAL acts like a learning commons in which a small number of brilliant graduate students of different academic fields, selected from among all Tokyo Tech graduate students who applied, can enjoy interacting among themselves as well as with faculty and staff members and others. In doing so, students will receive a deeper, more specialized education (the area of expertise they wish to pursue), liberal arts education (the most important issues they wish to address), and career development education (how they should go about preparing for a successful future) in an integrated way. At the same time, students are expected to develop leadership skills that will enable them to create new values as global citizens in this rapidly changing era, while making use of their abilities and those of others in a mutually beneficial collaboration.

We appreciate your understanding and support of ToTAL by making a donation to the ToTAL Fund to help students become scientists and engineers in a new learning environment.


Use of fund

1. Support for students in developing leadership skills
-Implementation of off-campus projects, which are planned by students, at companies and universities at home and abroad
-Financial support for students to allow them to continue learning through leadership education

2. On- and off- campus events to enable students to develop leadership skills
-Holding workshops, etc. by inviting individuals who play a major role in the front lines of various fields at home and abroad
-Providing opportunities to teach communication skills in workshops

3. Facilitate a communicative environment that promotes active communication among students, faculty, and staff beyond the borders of schools and academic fields.

How to give

(Minimum amount of donation:
Individuals: JPY1,000 and over; Entreprises: JPY100,000 and over)

Donations can be made through the Internet or by bank transfer form.

● Throught the Internet: Donate using the online form from the website below.
 【Donation form*】
  *Form in Japanese only.

The form above can also be accessed from the Tokyo Tech Fund website.
- Tokyo Tech fund website:
ToTAL support fund is under the "Schools and Institutes" category.
Please click the "About giving to ToTAL" button.

Methods of payment are: credit card, Internet banking or at convenience stores in Japan.

● Bank tranfer form: Please contact the Tokyo Tech Public Engagement Division by E-mail for Tokyo Tech to send you a form. (E-mail: syaren[at] (Substitute @ for [at])
The bank transfer form may be processed at the following banks in Japan:
Japan Post Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank, and MUFG Bank.

Tax Benefits

Japanese residents may be eligible for tax benefits.
Donations from U.S. residents to Tokyo Tech Fund through Give2Asia qualify for tax benefits.
Please refer to the website below and consult your tax advisor for details.

【See below for details】(URL: )


As a token of appreciation

●All donors: Invitation to an appreciation gathering hosted by the President of Tokyo Tech
*for residents in Japan
●Individuals: JPY300,000 or over (Enterprises: JPY1,000,000 or over)
In addition to the above, letter of appreciation and installation of name engraved bricks on campus.
●Individuals: JPY5,000,000 or over (Enterprises: JPY10,000,000 or over)
In addition to the above, award of Dark‐blue Ribbon Medal of Honor
*Please contact the Public Engagement Divison in advance for large amount of donations from enterprises.


【About the fund】
Public Engagement Division, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Address: 2-12-1 (Postbox:T-2), Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550 JAPAN
Tel.: 81-3-5734-2415/2417
E-mail: syaren[at] (Substitute @ for [at])

【About ToTAL】(*)
Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL) office, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Address: 2-12-1 (Postbox:S6-17), Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550 JAPAN
Tel.: 81-3-5734-3755
E-mail: total.jim[at] (Substitute @ for [at])

※For details on ToTAL's education program, please refer to this website and the following brochure and introductory video.

■Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership Brochure:


■Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership Introductory Video: