【Ended】ToTAL/OPEN Program "1-day IdeaThon Workshop - Business Idea Generation by Design Thinking Methodology-

ToTAL/OPEN Program "
1-day IdeaThon Workshop - Business Idea Generation by Design Thinking Methodology-

This workshop will be held as a part of ToTAL course; Fundamental Group Work -F- and open for any non-ToTAL students as well.

By applying Design Thinking methodology for creating "INNOVATION", this workshop will help you to generate new business ideas.
In addition to students who are familiar with Design Thinking methodology, any students who have never experienced Design Thinking methodology are welcome.

Since the workshop has a limit to the number of students to be attended, please contact as follows as soon as possible if you want to join the workshop.

Please note that the students who are considering to join the 2020 Lean Launchpad program have the first priority to attend this workshop.

■ Outline

《Date & Time》 11/Feb(Tue) 10:00-18:00

《Venue》 O-okayama Campus, 2F South Building 4, S422

《Facilitators》 Takashi Tsutsumi and Masato Iino, Learning Entrepreneurs Lab., Inc.

《Conditions》 Tokyo Tech Students (undergraduates, graduates)

《Language》 Japanese & English

《Limit of number》 Around 25 students

《Reference》 Report on last year's workshop:


【If you want to join the workshop....】

Please inform ToTAL/Prof.Yamada below of the following information;

(1) Name

(2) Faculty and Name of Lab.

(3) Student ID number

(4) E-mail address

(5) Reasons or purposes on joining the workshop

《Mail to; (any queries)》

Prof. Keisuke Yamada, ToTAL