【Call for Applications】 Programming Boot Camp 2020 (ToTAL/Practical Group Work for Leadership I/II )

ToTAL/Leadership, Followership, and Consensus Building (LFCB) group would like to start "Call for Applicants" to our program of "Programming Boot Camp 2020" as contents of ToTAL course of "Practical Group Work for Leadership I/II <F>".

"Programming Boot Camp" has been designed to practice your "leadership" to develop and execute new value through engaging in development work of new web service proposed by students. Students will be able to receive lectures and exercise about the leading edge of programming knowledge and skills, and to have full supports by web development experts from Guild Works, Inc.( https://guildworks.jp/) to launch their own idea of web services.

In order to maximize the level of learning by students, we limit number of teams (up to 5) to participate in the program. Those 5 teams will be selected by a pitch to be held on 5/Oct.

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<AY2019 3-day camp>

I. How you can join the program;

1. Students should choose either Category I or Category II below, and submit an Application Form;

 ■Category I: Students who want to join the program by proposing web service to be developed (less than 2 members)

Application Form should be submitted by less than 2 members.
The team may recruit 1 student in Category II as the result of 24/Sep Team Building meeting in following II-1.
If the team is selected as the result of 5/Oct pitch in following II-2, the team may accept 1-2 students as new member from the team which is not selected.
Students who are going to apply for ToTAL course of "Practical Group Work for Leadership I/II <F>" are strongly recommended to submit Application Form in this Category.

■Category II:Students who want to join the program by joining development work on the web services proposed by others (individual)

Students should join both the meeting on 24/Sep and the pitch on 5/Oct to negotiate with the team which you want to join.

2. Application Form

Due date for submitting: 18/Sep (Fri)
・Submit to: ToTAL/Prof. Yamada (yamada.k.be@m.titech.ac.jp)

II. Please attend following 2 ZOOM meetings after submitting the Application Form;

1. ZOOM Meeting for presenting web service idea for Team Building:

■Date & Time: 24/Sep(Thu) 18:00-20:00

・Presentation on web service idea by applicant in Category I for team building
・Students in Category II should attend the presentation to decide on a team to join

2. ZOOM Meeting for selection (pitch):

■Date & Time:5/Oct(Mon) 18:00-21:00 
・5 teams to be selected as the result of short presentation on web service idea by Category I applicants (team)
・Pitch time will be less than 5 minutes (slides, written in both Japanese/English or in English only, can be used)
Selection will be made by Guild Works experts and Prof. Yamada by considering load and possibility to materialize the idea within the program timeframe. ToTAL students and students who apply ToTAL course of "Practical Group Work for Leadership I/II <F>" may have priority.

III. Schedule:



* Although we want to proceed this program on usual "in-person" basis, the program may be changed to an on-line program by considering COVID-19 situation.
* Contents and agenda of each program days should be referred in following "Outline of Programming Boot Camp 2020".


Outline of Programming Boot Camp 2020:

1. Purposes of "Programming Boot Camp 2020":

(1) To practice your own "leadership" for developing and executing new value through developing your new web service idea
(2) To understand basic concept for designing new web service
(3) To understand fundamental rules and codes of programming user interface and materialize new web services
(4) To foster "teamwork" to maximize results

2. Features of "Programming Boot Camp 2020":

(1) This program was started in 2015 and this year's program will be the 6th.
(2) Students should form a team of 2-4 members and engage in developing their idea of new web service.
(3) Members from Guild Works, web application development experts, will provide a leading edge lecture on programming and support students on their development.
(4) The program is designed in 2 phases; "Learning Phase": Guild Works provide lecture and exercise for improving students programming capability to be used for later phase, and "Development Phase": Students engage in development of their web service idea with full support by Guild Works experts.
(5) Beginners in programming are welcome.

3. Contents and Schedule of "Learning Phase" and "Development Phase":

(1) Learning Phase:

・Lecture and exercise on rules and codes for programming to be needed in the following "Development Phase"
・Only for students who want to join (voluntary basis)
"On-line" type classes might be adopted depending on COVID-19 situation
Contents and Schedule:


(2) Development Phase:

・Students will concentrate on their development activities with advises and suggestions from Guild Works experts
・The classes of this "Development Phase" are the contents of ToTAL's course of "Practical Group Work for Leadership I/II <F>". (Non-ToTAL students may also register to this course. Students may join the program without course registration, but credits are not granted in that case.)
・Day 2-4 are designed as a 3-day camp (Participants who do not apply to the course above are requested to pay lodging cost of around JPY25,000. Depend on COVID-19 situation, the classes may be conducted on-line (ZOOM).
・Contents and Schedule:


PBC2020_6.jpg PBC2020_7.jpg
<AY2019 Development Phase>

4. Programming Languages to be used:

HTML, CSS, Java ScriptIf you want to use other languages, please contact Prof. Yamada.

5. JavaScript Flamework to be used:


6. Guild Works, Inc.:
(1) Students will be able to have support from Guild Works, experts on web application development. (https://guildworks.jp/)
(2) All lectures and supports by Guild Works will be made in Japanese. If your team have non-Japanese speaking member(s), please help them.

7. Our recommendation for your actions to be taken during Summer Holidays:
(1) Visit and study official website of "Vue.js" (https://vuejs.org/index.html)
(2) Study with a book "基礎から学ぶ Vue.js" (In Japanese. Not mandatory.)

8. Projects developed in past and atmosphere of the workshop:

(1) Students reports/2019;
https://www.total.titech.ac.jp/english/news/2019/12/programming-bootcamp-5.html (in Japanese)
https://www.total.titech.ac.jp/english/news/2020/02/PBC2020-final.html (in Japanese)
(2) Students report/2018;


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me:
Prof. Yamada: yamada.k.be@m.titech.ac.jp
ZOOM Office: (15:00-16:00 daily in week days): https://zoom.us/j/732587751?pwd=WlYyTEkzUElVTjd3bCtrNjNWRFE0UT09