【Courses】Outline of 2020 3Q4Q ToTAL/OPEN Programs and Schedule (and Application Sheet) & Online Open Office

※Please see the following website for the latest ToTAL/OPEN Programs Outline and Schedule:

Updated: November 20, 2020

Both the latest version of "Outline of 2020 3Q4Q ToTAL/OPEN Programs (ver. 1.3)" and "Schedule (and Application Sheet) of 2020 1Q2Q ToTAL/OPEN Programs (ver. 2.0)" for the following courses can be downloaded from the link below.

・Recognition of Social Issues Workshop II
・Professionals and Value Creation II
・Fundamental Group Work for Leadership I/II【F】
・Practical Group Work for Leadership I/II【F】

Outline of 2020 3Q4Q ToTAL/OPEN Programs (ver.1.4) *Updated on 20/Nov
Schedule (and Application Form) of 2020 3Q4Q ToTAL/OPEN Programs (ver.2.1) *Updated on 20/Nov

・Please select "attend" in the right hand column "Your Attending Plan" in the schedule (and Application Form) for each program which you wish to attend and send it to the following email address.
・All ToTAL students are being requested to send the Application Sheet to us even if you have no plan to join any program this semester.
・Both the outline and schedule of ToTAL/OPEN Programs will be updated from time to time. Please refer to the latest version.

Send to
Prof. Kamura, Prof. Matsuzaki and Prof. Yamada (E-mail: total.tokunin@total.titech.ac.jp)

<Online Open Office>
Our "Online Open Office" are offered to students as follows. Either or all of Prof. Matsuzaki, Prof. Kamura and Prof. Yamada will be available.
Please do not hesitate to access the Online Open Office to ask questions or recieve consultation on anything.
Even just chatting is fine with us!

■Date & Time: 15:00-16:00, Mon-Fri
■Zoom URL: https://zoom.us/j/732587751
■Meeting ID: 732 587 751
■Passcode: Notified by email to ToTAL students, and students who attended the orientation or briefing session of ToTAL. Please contact us using the following request form if you wish to access the Online Open Office. (Request form: https://forms.gle/2x4XZY72wqX7Beqg8 )