【Call for participants】Future of Leadership Symposium - Lecture by Ms. Soraya Umewaka and student panel presentations & discussions (5/AUG)

We at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Academy for Leadership have the great good fortune of welcoming Ms. Soraya Umewaka, filmmaker, creative artist & director, and professional noh performer, as our featured speaker at the Future of Leadership Symposium on Thursday, August 5th from 7 pm.

Ms. Umewaka will present for about 20~30 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. She will address the topic of innovative leadership as the inheritor of a centuries-old family tradition of noh performance, and also as a Lebanese-Japanese person who grew up in Japan and attended university in the USA and has created films and directed artistic productions in Brazil.

In the second half of the event, Tokyo Tech students will hold panel presentations and panel discussions on various topics such as public health, education, politics, culture, environment, and COVID-19.

This online event will be held entirely in English.

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- Event date and time: Thursday, August 5, 2021

【Section 1】19:00PM-19:45PM(tentative): Keynote lecture by Ms. Soraya Umewaka
Ms. Soraya Umewaka will speak about finding allies when creating her documentary films, and how she let her curiosity guide her when producing her films. She will also talk about her experience in a closed traditional world and how she pushed the boundaries of creativity when creating a modern Noh play. This presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

【Section 2】19:45PM-21:00PM(tentative):Student panel presentations and discussions
Topics : Public health, education, politics, culture, environment, COVID19
Participants will join breakout rooms of the topics above to hear panel presentations and partcipate in panel discussions.

-Method: Online(Zoom)

-Eligibility: Tokyo Tech students, faculty, staff and the general public

-Language: English


-Fee: Free of charge

-Deadline for registration: Sunday, August 1, 2021

-About Ms. Soraya Umewaka:


Ms. Soraya Umewaka is of Japanese-Lebanese descent and is an award-winning multimedia artist (documentary filmmaker, actress, playwright, and director). She had her debut Noh performance at the National Noh Theater at the age of three. She made documentaries in Ecuador, Brazil, Lebanon. She directed a multimedia theater production called "Hell Says Noh" in collaboration with the Brazilian government in 2019 at the Panasonic Center. She also worked as a Production Strategist at the YouTube Space and has helped YouTube creators grow their channels. She majored in Comparative Politics at Princeton University.



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