"Organic change through dialogue", Professionals and Value Creation B/D #2 on 3/Dec/2021 (Reported by:Shunsuke Tada, M1, 2021 ToTAL student)

Group of Course: Recognition of Social Issues
Course: Professionals and Value Creation B/D
Program: Organic change through dialogue
Facilitator: Mami Osawa
Date: 3/Dec/2021 18:15-20:15
・Venue: S423, South Building #4, O-okayama

ToTAL student Koki Ono introduced us to Mami Osawa (Mamita) and her stuffed bear, Pecchan. Mamita's background is a bit complicated, so I'll just tell you one thing: she has experience as a teacher in the Dominican Republic. We learned about dialogue with Mamita.

Here is the flow of the class:
(1) Check in
(2) Dialogue
(3) Check out

(Check in)
To prepare for the dialogue, we first introduced ourselves. We had three topics to talk about, and one of them was our image of leadership. We found out that Mamita's image of leadership was Pecchan the Bear. Pecchan is able to elicit dialogue from us. Since dialogue makes us realize who we are and teaches us about what only we can see, it is Pecchan who teaches us what only we can see, and this is the image of leader of Mamita. And this dialogue lesson was also triggered by Pecchan.

20211203_1.jpg 20211203_2.jpg

After everyone had introduced themselves, Pecchan led us in a conversation. First of all, one of the students introduced a toy that he has owned since he was a child. Then the others started to talk about things they don't usually talk about. We ended the conversation by talking about the importance of "carelessness". As someone who hadn't really thought about the importance of "carelessness" before, I found this concept a bit interesting. Now that I think about it, I can see how carelessness can lead to some interesting events.

20211203_3.jpg 20211203_4.jpg

At the check-out, we talked about what we hadn't been able to tell everyone during the dialogue. I think we all had a good time talking about what we thought and asking questions. Those who couldn't talk much during the dialogue time were able to talk during this time.

Finally, I would like to thank Mamita and Mr&Mrs. Naganuma, friends of Mamita, for their sharing time with us. In addition, I would like to thank Mr. Koki Ono, 2019 ToTAL student, for inviting Ms. Mamita today. I think that some of you may have changed your way of thinking through this dialogue. At least I have changed my way of thinking about "carelessness".


(Reported by Shunsuke Tada, Mathematics, School of Science, M1, 2021 ToTAL student)