【Call for Students】A briefing on leadership and entrepreneurship program "Lean Launchpad" workshops will be held on 28/Feb and 6/Apr (Category 2&3 of Entrepreneur Program at Tokyo Tech)

A briefing meeting of "Lean Launchpad" workshops for training and expanding students' leaderships and entrepreneurship will be held as below. The workshops will last for about 2 months from the end of May 2022 to the beginning of August 2021. This event is a part of Category 2&3 of Tokyo Tech's Entrepreneur Program.
(Reference: Entrepreneur Develop Programs at Tokyo Tech:
https://www.titech.ac.jp/english/0/students/entrepreneurship )

All students, who are considering to take ToTAL course of "Master's/Doctoral Practical Group Work for Leadership I/Ⅱ(S)" or considering to join the program as OPEN students, must attend this briefing meeting.

<Students who should attend>
●[Mandatory] ToTAL students who are going to take ToTAL course of "Master's/Doctoral Practical Group Work for Leadership I (S)" or "Master's/Doctoral Practical Group Work for Leadership Ⅱ (S)" to be held in Apr-Jun/2022.

●Students who:
- have a new business idea, or already engaged in new business
- are interested in "startups"
- want to foster your own "leadership" or "entrepreneurship" skills
- want to be entrepreneur

*Note: both undergraduates and graduates are welcome.

<Date, Time & Venue>
Briefing #1: 28/FEB (Mon) 18:15-19:15 on Zoom  【ENDED】
●Briefing #2: 6/APR (Wed) 18:15-19:15 on Zoom
*Note: #1 and #2 offer the same contents.

<To attend the briefing meeting (Students outside of ToTAL)>
Please fill in your information on the following form on Google.

<About Lean Launchpad Program>
Lean Launchpad program was originally developed and launched by Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, US.

This workshop will be facilitated by Mr. Takashi Tsutsumi and Mr. Masato Iino, who have long experience in creating new business and supporting startups. They have also translated Steve Blank's books, "The Four Steps to the Epiphany" and "The Startup Owner's Manual", into Japanese.

This program is the only program in Category 3 of Tokyo Tech's entrepreneurship development program. It is suitable for students who have a new business idea, have already started a new business, or aiming to expand their business.

The main purposes of this program are to understand how you establish aims of launching your business ideas into the market and how. Fostering your "leadership" or "entrepreneurship" through such experiences are also the main purposes. Some students who have already established a company, therefore, use this program as an acceleration program to expand their business.

In the past, some teams actually received business orders. Some teams continued their activities after the program and established their companies. The company called "Odrate", which joined the program in 2017, is an example.

Lean Launchpad program was started in 2013 in Tokyo Tech as a part of program of Academic for Global Leadership (AGL). From 2019, this program has been offered to Tokyo Tech students as a part of official course in Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL).

The program will last for about 2 months from the end of May/2022.

In order to join the program, you need to build a team (up to 4 members).Since 6 teams will be the maximum number of teams to join the program, selection will be made in Mar/2020.

Procedures and duties to be done by applying to this program will be explained during the briefings.

This program is planned to be held in person, but it might be changed to online depending on the situation of COVID-19.

<Reference: Student reports on past programs>
- Reported by Megumi Okazaki, 2018 ToTAL student (in Japanese);
- Reported by Sameer Deshmukh, 2018 AGL student (in English) ;

Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL) / Prof. Yamada