【ToTAL Students】Outline and Schedule of 2022 1Q2Q ToTAL courses and their workshops offered by ToTAL/LFCB

*Please see the latest information from the following link.

The latest version of both (a) Outline of each course and contents and (b) Schedule (and Attending Plan) are available from the following links;

Outline of each course and contents (ver 1.6) *updated on 12/Apr
ToTAL/OPEN Program Schedule(ver.3.1) *updated on 8/Apr

  • In addition to students who registered to the courses, any ToTAL student who have not registered to the course but want to join in workshops are most welcome to join.
  • As usual, please select "Attend" in the column of each menu you want to join on the schedule and send it back to the email address below.
  • Except for workshops which have strict limit of capacity, ToTAL students are welcome to "jump in" and join in the workshops. However, advanced notification will be highly appreciated.
  • Even if you have no plan to join in any of the contents, please send the schedule in blank.
  • The file of outline and schedule will be updated from time to time. Please use the latest version.

【Send to】ToTAL/Kamura, Matsuzaki and Yamada:total.tokunin@total.titech.ac.jp

ToTAL courses to be offered in 2022 1Q2Q are as follows:


<Online Open Office>

Our "Online Office Hours" are offered to students as follows. Either or all of Prof. Matsuzaki, Prof. Kamura, and/or Prof. Yamada will be available.
Please do not hesitate to access the Online Office Hour to ask questions or receive consultation on anything. Even just chatting is fine with us!
■Date & Time: 15:00-16:00, Mon. or Fri.
■Zoom URL: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/96832834749
■Meeting ID: 968 3283 4749
If you are connecting to the meeting room for the first time, please request the passcode from here.