1. 【Application closed】4th cohort starting 2Q AY2021
  2. 【Call for participants!】Entrepreneur Workshop for Beginners (16/JUN)
  3. 【ENDED】Briefing session of ToTAL for master's students (19/APR & 20/APR via Zoom)
  4. Open Forum has restarted from April!!
  5. 【Call for Students】Information Exchange Meeting about business ideas which are being offered by candidates for attending "Lean Launchpad 2021" and the second briefing on "Lean Launchpad 2021(LLP 2021)"
  6. Ended:【Call for Participants】 Free virtual screening of the film "Picture a Scientist" and casual discussion
  7. 【Call for Participants】Briefings on leadership and entrepreneurship program of "Lean Launchpad" workshops will be held on 25/Feb and 12/Apr. (Category 2&3 of Entrepreneur Program at Tokyo Tech)
  8. 【Call for Participants】ToTAL/OPEN Program "1-day IdeaThon Workshop -Business Idea Generation by Design Thinking Methodology-
  9. 【Ended】Briefing session of ToTAL (12/OCT & 16/OCT via Zoom)
  10. 【5/13 (Wed) 】Briefing session of the 3rd cohort of ToTAL starting 2Q 2020 (*to be live-streamed via Zoom)