CourseTAL.W502/TAL.W503 Fundamental Group Work for Leadership I/II<F>
ProgramLeadership core program
DateOctober 22nd, 2023.
VenueS422, South Building 4, Ookayama Campus


We are happy to have so many new international students attending this class. On this first lecture we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little bit better, in future lectures we will have different activities designed to improve our leadership skills.



The activities started with a check-in in which each participant introduced themselves and talked briefly about their motivation for joining ToTAL.

Don’t miss the bus

After the checking we had an icebreaking activity in which each team tried to solve a puzzle involving maps in under an hour. If you haven’t tried this activity before we highly recommend you to join us in a future occasion and try to see if you can solve the puzzle in time.

In this activity every team member had an opportunity to communicate their ideas, take the initiative try to exercise a leadership role in their own team. After the time was over we had a reflection about what we discovered about ourselves, how we interact with others and arrive at conclusion on the team.


After the lunch we had the opportunity to get to know each other with an activity called “Self introduction with one lie”. In this game each team member wrote 3 sentences about themselves, two of those were true and one was a lie. The objective of the game was to spot the lie in each other’s introductions, for this objective we could ask each other questions related to what was write. It was quite fun.

After the each member of the team had their guesses we shared the correct answer and laugh at our mistakes. We then had some extra time to talk with each other and expand our conversation around anything we found interesting about each other.

Introduction to the life-line and self-introduction by professors.

At the end of the session, Kamura-sensei introduced the homework in preparation for next session’s activity called “the life-line”. For this he presented his own life-line, here we learned about his life including his experience at university, and the time he founded an IT company. Through this presentation we leaner how he ended in ToTAL and other activities he has been pursuing like his involvement with the “Teal organization”.

After Kamura-sensei’s presentation was over, Matsuzaki-sensei also introduced herself using the life-line format. On her presentation she talked about what she made her happy or what she found difficult to understand during her school years. She also talked about her research in computational biology and how that lead her into the leadership education for scientists which would later become part of ToTAL.

Next session

We will meet again on November 19th for the second session of the leadership core program. On the next meeting we will share our time-line and practice listening to each other.

Until next time, cheers.

Reporter: Isai Roberto Sotarriva Alvarez (TA)