CourseTAL.W502/TAL.W503 Fundamental Group Work for Leadership I/II<F>
ProgramLeadership core program
DateDecember 24, 2023
VenueS422, South Building 4, Ookayama Campus

Class Objectives

The focus of class 3 were:

  • To familiarize students with key considerations in reflecting on consensus-building processes.
  • To delve into the essence of idea innovation, serving as preparation for upcoming design thinking workshops in the next two classes.


Each participant engaged in a check-in, sharing their name, campus, major, and their current emotional state. This introductory exercise aimed to foster a deeper connection among participants, transcending mere name tags and creating a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone, including the teaching assistants and professors, checked in.


Consensus Building Presentation

At the end of the previous class, students were grouped based on their respective campuses and assigned to rank their top seven priority workshops for ToTAL’s consideration. The groups were instructed to adhere to rules that were designed to promote equal participation and open and judgment-free discussion.
During this class, each group was asked to select a representative to present their preferences, rationale, and key learnings. Feldy Tanako eloquently presented the Ookayama campus group’s seven top priorities, followed by insights from the group regarding their roles, the discussion atmosphere, rule compliance, and individual discoveries.

Idea Innovation

Three activities were conducted, with two involving drawing and one requiring the students to brainstorm an “Ideal School Trip”. Small-group discussions followed each timed exercise to identify commonalities. Notable observations included the initial difficulty in starting due to fear of error, self-imposed limits hindering innovation, and more.

After these activities, Professor Kamura shared crucial tips for idea innovation and guided students through a practical exercise. This exercise tasked students with envisioning themselves as business owners facing competition from a new business, prompting them to strategize ways to enhance their services and maintain market relevance.

Overview of Next Class

Professors Matsuzaki and Kamura provided a sneak peek into the content for the upcoming class, aligning it with the set objectives. The students gave positive oral feedback, which is a shred of evidence that the class maintained its interactive nature and achieved its objectives.

Happy 2024!

Reporter: Kies Sorbor Kiteah I