What ToTAL?

Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL) was launched on April 1, 2018 and aims to offer a world-leading graduate program that develops individuals into a global driving force, responding to the needs and expectations of the industrial, academic, and governmental sectors of society. 

In order to enable them to learn leadership skills in addition to their specialized fields, they will be given the experience of working with others from different fields and cultures, and will be able to find wonderful colleagues and friends with whom they can think together about the issues facing our society. We offer a meeting with a mentor. 

An extracurricular program oered for a maximum of five years throughout master’s and doctoral degree programs.
Students may register at ToTAL for only during the master’s degree.

What does TOTAL think about leadership?

Everyone has the potential for leadership

Leadership isn’t being better than others, or something that you’re born
with. It’s understanding yourself deeply within a chaotic world, and having
the ability to pose questions It is also not an innate ability, but rather a power that is nurtured and developed as each individual asks questions in the midst of a chaotic world and collaborates with people around the world. What kind of ability is nurtured and demonstrated is different for each individual. work together with people all
around the world to create the future you want to see.
Everyone holds these strengths inside, and each person’s strengths are
Here, a select group of individuals transcends academic boundaries to
synergistically expand horizons and develop world-class leadership skills.
When you discover the leader inside you, a new future opens up to the world.

What ToTAL Offers

Leadership excellence education

Students develop leadership skills to bring out the best in each other and become innovative global citizens in a
rapidly-changing era, as well as gain comprehensive, in-depth knowledge in their area of expertise and overall
education which will further their career.

Student-centered, interactive learning commons

The ToTAL program acts like a learning commons in that it is where eligible students inspire and support each other to
enjoy challenges through interaction with fellow students and faculty members, and active involvement in society.

A community that transcends school frameworks, specialties and nationalities to learn from each other

Students from 6 schools and 20 countries gather, and we provide opportunities for mutual study where you can meet diverse students and enjoy trial and error together.

Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership Introductory Video and Brochure