Curriculum Policy

What our training does for you

You will acquire the leadership skills needed to become a driving force in international society, with core expertise in science and technology, and transcend the boundaries of academic fields to engage with many different kinds of people.

Admissions policy

Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for international leadership in industry, academia, or the public sector. We therefore expect students taking this course to have the following aspirations and qualities in addition to the skills described in Tokyo Tech’s admissions policy.

  1. You should have the mettle and positive attitude to become a driving force in industry and society and to use your knowledge, skills, and specialized expertise to contribute to the public interest from a global perspective, with core proficiency in science and technology.
  2. In addition to having confidence in your own expertise and skills, we hope to instill in you the cooperative attitude needed to respect the same qualities in others and to engage in collaborative tasks with them.

Curriculum policy

From master’s programs through doctoral degree programs, our integrated curriculum is organized and implemented according to the guidelines below. You will develop the leadership skills needed to become a prime mover in global society whilst acquiring the outstanding specialized skills required in your major field.

  1. Our training programs are designed to provide the skills needed to understand issues that permeate society through dialogue with people active at the forefront of various sectors, as well as an awareness of how to use your own abilities to resolve such issues.
  2. You will have opportunities to acquire foreign-language abilities and two-way global communication skills that will enable you to interact effectively in real-world situations.
  3. You will deepen your understanding of the essence of leadership and followership — the counterpart to leadership — through debates and group work with people of differing nationalities and cultural backgrounds who are majoring in different fields. You will learn how to promote the consensus formed through such interactions and hone your consensus-building skills with the accumulated experience of obtaining feedback during this process.
  4. We offer you opportunities for medium- and long-term internships that are real-world tests of your specialized expertise and abilities, as well as the chance to use the consensus-building, leadership, and communication skills acquired through such efforts. You will also continue to refine these skills after reflecting on your progress and areas for further development.
  5. Our wide-ranging liberal arts curriculum will help to hone your character, gain society’s respect, and demonstrate necessary leadership skills.

Degree policy

Leadership program graduates are expected to take international leadership roles in industry, academia, or the public sector. As such, you will be expected to acquire the following skills as well as the sophisticated, specialized expertise and skills at the school and department in which you are enrolled until you complete the program.

  1. The foresight to clearly depict the optimal future for society, based on your grounding in science and technology
  2. The analytical and information-gathering skills to understand and prioritize the tasks to be accomplished
  3. An ability to see the big picture, and the ethical sense to apply your expertise, skills, and specialized talents to wide-ranging social issues from public sector perspectives
  4. Leadership and team-building skills that will enable you to build consensus while respecting other people with different skills, points of view, and specializations
  5. The ability to get things done, using your creativity to give tangible form to the consensus obtained

Please refer to the:Tokyo Tech Education Policy