Course Syllabi Listing

Course categoryGraduate Attributes
1. Recognition of Social Issues Interest in problems inherent in complex systems that comprise our society, and ability to apply knowledge and bring new ideas to solve them
2. Global Communication Communication skills to promote effective discussions while maintaining ethical integrity and appreciation for diversity of cultural background, citizenship, language, expertise, orientation, talent, etc.
3. Leadership, Followership, and Consensus Building Understanding responsibilities and roles in an interdisciplinary team, sharing vision and ideas with team members as well as making full use of individual expertise and talent to achieve goals. Ability to build consensus among the community or stakeholders, and to give form to ideas emerging from consensus
4. Off-Campus Project Ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills to solve societal problems and contribute to the development of academia while exploring further abilities and skills to move forward
5. Cultural Skills Interest in broad subjects beyond limited expertise, cultural skills, dignity, and trustworthiness