[Registration Closed] ToTAL/OPEN Programs "Systems x Design Thinking" 1-day Workshop

We are happy to announce the call for applicants to the subject workshop. Any Tokyo Tech student who belong to the categories below are encouraged to apply.

1. Any graduate students who applied to ToTAL courses; Fundamental Group Work for Leadership I/II(S), (master's/Doctoral) Essential Group Work for Leadership (S)
2. Any students (both graduates and undergraduates) who are interested in the workshop to participate on ad-hoc basis (No credits nor GAs will be granted.)
3. Any students (both graduates and undergraduates) who are interested in fostering your own entrepreneurship skills. (This workshop is designated as a part of Tokyo Tech Entrepreneurship Development Programs. Reference: https://www.titech.ac.jp/english/0/students/entrepreneurship )
4. Any doctoral students who are members of "Cross the border! Tokyo-Tech pioneering doctoral research program".

Outline of the workshop

What is "system x design thinking" that realizes a sustainable society?
To realize a sustainable society, it is necessary to understand the large-scale and complex problems that are the barriers. Approaching those problems with the systems thinking method reveals the starting point of the solution by not only focusing on the "symptoms" of the visible problem, but also by grasping the "root cause" of the invisible problem that is causing it. And, by multiplying it with the "design thinking" approach that solves problems centered on human beings, this system x design thinking workshop aims to solve problems innovatively.

<Theme of this time of the workshop>
Theme: Thinking about sustainable "smart-style phones" with system x design thinking - What is a more eco-friendly "smart-style phones" ?-

Fashion, miscellaneous goods, food, transportation, sustainable and ethical trends are about to become the standard in our lives. On the other hand, for "smartphones", which have become indispensable, manufacturers have introduced flagship models equipped with the latest and highest-spec chipsets and hardware almost every year.
Dutch "Fairphone", which started in 2013, is an ethical modular smartphone. Even if it breaks down, you can continue to use it by replacing the parts. By continuing to use it for a long time, it will lead to reduction of waste and CO2. Fairphone is made from Fair Trade Certified Gold, conflict-free tin and tungsten, recycled plastic and copper. In China, where Fairphone 3 is manufactured, the company is also working to improve the working environment and provide education and training to improve the happiness of workers. "Buy, use, and throw away when a new model comes out." Let's review our commonplace and design an eco-friendly "smart-style phones" with system x design thinking.

systemsdesign1.jpg systemsdesign2.jpg


  • Date & Time: June 11 (Sat) 10:00-18:00
  • Venue: S422, South Building #4, Ookayama(it may change to an online workshop depending on the situation of COVID-19)
  • Capacity:Around 25 (in case of oversubscription, selection will be made with priority on the students who applied to ToTAL course(s) and/or undergraduate students)

<Reference: Student report on the workshop held last year>

[Registration Closed]<How to apply to the workshop>
Please apply from Google Form which is referred in ToTAL/web page below:

The results of the selection (whether or not you can join or not) will be informed later to the applicants.

Prof. Keisuke Yamada, Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership(ToTAL)
E-mail: yamada.k.be@m.titech.ac.jp

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