Until now, many innovation creation and new business creation methodologies, including Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Future Foresight, have focused on clarifying the “goal” as the principal step for such methodologies. But is this all? In reality, many cases are adopting the opposite of such approaches; instead of setting goals first, imagining new possibilities using existing means. In the VUCA era, where the future is uncertain and completely unpredictable, “Effectuation,” a problem-solving approach that discovers new goals from the means at hand, has been attracting particular attention recently. At ToTAL/OPEN Programs, we would like to take advantage of this trend as soon as possible and offer it as a half-day workshop to expand your thinking methods.
This workshop is especially recommended for those who have already experienced “Design Thinking” and/or “Future Insight”.

1.Workshop date, time, etc.

Date & TimeSaturday, December 23, 13:00-18:00
VenueS4-202, 2nd floor, South Building 4, Ookayama
CapacityAround 30 students
EligibilityAll Tokyo Tech students (undergraduate and graduates)
FacilitatorsMasato Iino(Co-founder), Keijiro Yamagata(Co-founder) and Terukazu Kinugawa (Unison Leader), Scale Out Corp.


Masato Iino

Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Investor, Innovation Accelerator Co-Founder, Scale Out Corp.

Keijiro Yamagata

Startup Investor, Innovation Accelerator
Co-Founder, Scale Out Corp.

Terukazu Kinukawa

Innovation Accelerator
Unison Leader, Scale Out Corp.

Message from the facilitators

In your life as a researcher, we tend to get distracted by questions of “how to solve”, but in order to find more meaningful problems and new perspectives, it is extremely important to stop and think about “what problem to solve” and “why I want to solve it”.
In this workshop, you will rediscover your inner potential by inventorying your life, places, and experiences, sharing with your friends, and thinking about “what” and “why”. A group of 3 to 4 people will share their preferences, aspirations, knowledge, and human resources that can be used through a “deep self-introduction” to answer “What do we want to achieve?” (i.e., inner potential) and “What are the resources at the hands of you and your team?”


For questions and consultation regarding this workshop:
Professor Keisuke Yamada, Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL)
e-mail address: yamada.k.be@m.titech.ac.jp
Office: S6-309B