Date & Venue1) Information sharing on Men’s Lib by Koki Ono
Wednesday, Nov. 22, 17:30-19:00 @ S6-305, Ookayama and Zoom

2) Dialogue
Friday, Nov. 24, 18:00-20:00 @S4-202, Ookayama

*2: in-person only.
OrganizerONO Koki (ToTAL student)
LanguageJapanese(Some English support can be provided such as asking questions in English.)
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In the past, there was a social movement called “Women’s Lib” that advocated the elimination of discrimination against women and the correction of disparities. By creating opportunities for “discussion” to verbalize and share their own experiences of oppression and suffering, women of that time revealed that what they thought were “problems only in me” were in fact “problems in society. By bringing this to the men’s side, “men’s lib” is the place for discussing men’s privilege and perpetration, and the “difficulties of living” that are unique to men.

It can be said that today, regardless of gender, “masculinity” is still implicitly demanded. Therefore, I would like to hold a meeting called “Men’s Lib” at ToTAL at Tokyo Institute of Technology to discuss “masculinity” around us. The theme of the discussion will be “machismo” (i.e., macho thinking and values, and the idea of seeking strength). Let’s talk about our own experiences of machismo, which we meet in our daily lives, in our research activities, and in our job hunting activities.The gender of participants is not limited to men; it is open to all.

Schedule and Contents

Pre-dialogue lecture

Wednesday, November 22, 17:30-19:00 @ South building 6, 305 (S6-305) and Zoom

Koki will give some information participants would find helpful to prepare for the dialogue. He will explain the history of men’s lib in Japan. Participants will read the journal published by a men’s lib study group, which has been active for almost 20 years since 1991, and see how the people were empowered. Koki will also present his experiences of participating in such groups.


Friday, November 24, 18:00-20:00 @ South bldg. 4, 202 (S4-202)

Koki will invite participants to a dialogue practiced in Men’s Lib. The theme is “machismo” (macho thinking and values, the idea of seeking for strengths). Let’s talk about machismo that may surround us in our daily lives, such as our everyday research and job hunting if you are a student, or in the workplace if you are a working adult.

Facilitator: ONO, Koki

The School of Environment and Society, Society and Human Science course, Ph.D. student, ToTAL 3rd cohort student
The academic field is Society, Gender Studies and Men’s and Masculinities’ Studies

Contact: Yuri Matsuzaki( [at]